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July 15th, 2017

So I made this post about all the old news articles I'd tracked down about the early UNCLE girls – mostly just to say, damn, these nearly-forgotten bit characters actually got a lot of press back in the day, and here's a rough timeline to back that up. But when I came back to update it with some new links (turns out the archive I was using keeps adding new material), I'd slightly overrun the post limit (the post isn't that long, the table just takes a lot of css, which evidently counts). So, here's a new post for the updated table.

Links marked with a ▼ are shortcuts to where I've reproduced those articles in the other post. All other links go direct to the newspaper.com article page (though you'll only be able to see a thumbnail and OCR text without an account) – or you can just hover over the link to see a quote.

Links are organised by date – to put things in context, I've included a list of what episodes were in production and what was airing as all this news came out. Coloured text identifies each actress named and each episode they appeared in.

For example, you can see that news about Grace Lee's casting started coming out about the same time as they were shooting her first (and only) episode, whereas news about Leigh Chapman didn't start to appear until her first episode was about to air. Less than a month after the first news items (I can find) which mention Grace Lee's hiring for a continuing role, press releases were already starting to appear with Linda Ho's name taking the place of hers. Photos of Vaughn with both Lee and Heatherly nonetheless continued appearing in the press long after Lee had been replaced by Linda Ho, and often continued to carry captions suggesting both girls still had 'continuing roles' in the series. Occasional photos of Heatherly went right on appearing even after she, too, was gone, and Leigh Chapman seemed to have taken her place (a few such references even turned up in later years). Editors often didn't bother to check whether the captions supplied with the publicity photos were still accurate.

Basically, you could get a really skewed idea of who was still appearing in the show if you believed everything you read. The original UNCLE girls seriously were promoted a lot more widely than you might think.

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