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Yuletide request letter

Hi there, prospective writer-person, whoever you may be! I am a total Yuletide newb this year, but I do hope I've managed to throw together a letter you'll find helpful. Most of the prompts here are fairly slash-focused (or possibly het, in the case of The Curse of Fatal Death), but in case there is any sort of doubt: if you are happier writing gen, by all means, go for it! Though it ought to go without saying: optional details are optional, so feel free to take as much or as little from my disorganised jumble of prompts as you like, and run with them wherever they may take you.

I've recced fic before for all three of the fandoms I'm requesting, if you'd like some idea of what sort of fic has worked for me in the past (and even if not, we obviously have at least one under-loved fandom in common, so have some recs you might enjoy looking through sometime!) Stuff I've recced can be found here for Scream of the Shalka, and here for The Curse of Fatal Death. I've only yet recced two stories related to Withnail & I, though there's another twenty or so still sitting in my tumblr drafts, which I swear I will get posted properly just as soon as I'm done with this Yuletide letter stuff and here for Withnail & I.

A few general notes to begin with (possibly of questionable relevance to what's likely to come up for these fandoms, but what the hell).

Stuff I like in fic:
I sat down to fill out this section and realised some of my likes can be pretty fandom-specific (so, see fandom-specific sections below, basically). But I do like tropey id-fic, I love snark and banter, I like action/adventure fic with involved plot, I am totally down with stories that throw you into the middle of the action from the get-go, I like dialogue-heavy stories with a focus on character or relationships whether there's any action or not, I would be entirely fine with getting a story which looks at the lead characters or their relationship comes across from a third-person POV, I like stories which use the 5-things-and-1 format, and I love ridiculous AUs to bits and pieces (especially if they find clever ways to translate stuff from canon over to a new setting).

Stuff I mostly prefer not to see in fic:
  • Overdone domestic tropes: Generic fluff is fine and dandy, extended discussions of home renovations or [character x]'s sublime cooking put me to sleep. Coffee shop AUs work for me on occasion but have a very low hit rate.
  • Over-invested third-parties: While I do enjoy POVs from a third-party, that trope where their friends can see how perfect they'd be together before they know it themselves is really not my jam
  • Drama built primarily around 'I'm not good enough for [him/her]' angst or ridiculous misunderstandings.
  • Destined mates/soul-bond fic: can be enjoyable, but after all my time in Teen Wolf fandom I have seen enough of this to last me a while
  • Genderswaps: again, works for me sometimes, but generally less hit than miss

No great preference on:
  • Tense, first/second/third person
  • Hurt/comfort: It's fine, but it doesn't grab me particularly
  • Ratings: Anything from G-NC17 is totally okay in my book

If you are up for cracking into the NC17 rating, I am:
  • Very keen on: smut which has something to say about the characters and their relationships, focus on emotions over mechanics, most varieties of dubcon, dangerous or ill-advised spur-off-the-moment sex, ridiculous seductions, and probably a lot of other stuff that is not occurring to me right now. If it's not specifically on the list below, it's probably all good.
  • Not terribly keen on: humiliation, rimming, most D/s related kinks (beyond basic power-play and bondage), a/b/o universes (though I could totally make an exception for Withnail and I-fic, provided only that the line "What do you mean you're stuck?" or the like shows up somewhere)

Withnail and I
About the only thing I'd rather not get from this fandom is fix-it fluff – which is to say that I've no broad objection to fluff, and other fix-it fic is absolutely fine, but fic which wholly glosses over Withnail's more toxic personality traits (and as a corollary, the rather long list of unfortunately solid reasons Marwood had for leaving) in order to get them back together makes me just a little uncomfortable. On the other end of the scale, Withnail is one of few fandoms where I've enjoyed death-fic or bad-end stories, and more or less anything in between the two would be absolutely fine. Naturally, farcical comedy featuring Withnail is all fine and dandy too.

I have more ideas for things I'd like to see in Withnail fic than I know what to do with. I've said before that I strongly feel the lack of filthy, terrible smut starring Withnail and Marwood is a crying shame. I would be very happy to see any of these semi-joking prompts I threw out for the film a while back put to use. For other possibilities, I am down with AUs of almost any shade from minor canon-divergence to mirror-verse reimaginings to completely wild changes in setting and genre. I'd be down with fic where one of our heroes exists solely as a hallucination of the other, or sequels to the events of the film which bypass the finality of the ending by introducing a complete shift in genre into crime or horror, or even vampires or aliens or something similarly ridiculous. I'd be down with crossovers with something like Life on Mars, or even, say, Black Books (if you have ever seen the show, I am sure you can imagine why). (Obviously Doctor Who crossovers are a possibility too, though since I've read and loved several of those already I'd prefer something a little different.)

I could probably go on, but you get the idea: there is no shortage of varieties of Withnail fic that would make me very happy indeed.

Doctor Who and The Curse of Fatal Death
Some things I would like to see in CofD-fic in no particular order:

  • Crack. Considering the whole story was light-hearted parody, this probably goes without saying. (Not that I wouldn't be thoroughly impressed by anyone who can pull off serious fic or graphic smut which still works within that universe, but let's not kid ourselves about we both went in expecting from this fandom.)

  • Backstory: How did Eight become Atkinson!Nine? How did the Pryce!Master come by his present body? Did both arise from related incidents, and will either of them ever speak of it again? Have they had any significant recent run-ins before the events of CofD? (In case there is any doubt here: I am totally down for slash to be part of any of this, if you feel it appropriate)

  • The continuing adventures of Lumley!Doctor and Pryce!Master: I ship the Doctor/Master pairing in all its combinations, and this is no exception. If you can find an excuse to work in the sadly short-lived 10th, 11th and/or 12th Doctors from the CofD-verse, my glee will likely know no bounds.

  • Collisions with the greater Whoniverse: Past companions meet the Lumley!Doctor and deal with her new relationship status! Past incarnations of the Doctor/the Master meet their future selves and deal with their new relationship status! Atkinson!Nine and Shalka!Nine get together somehow and discuss that weird thing where the timeline got so fractured around their eighth regeneration! The Whoniverse is huge and the possibilities are endless. (See Shalka section for a few other crossover-related ideas.)

And if none of that particularly sparks your inspiration, really, almost anything celebrating Lumley's 13th Doctor – who remains to this day about the closest thing the Whoniverse has to a 'real' female incarnation of the Doctor – is almost guaranteed to please me. I have read some brilliant fic starring her and would love for there to be more of it.

FTR, not terribly invested in Emma, though certainly not going to be offended if she and/or her relationship with the Doctor come up.

Would prefer no AUs as I don't feel the characters are necessarily so well established they can survive transplantation, though I am completely down for crossovers with the greater Whoniverse, AU-ish or otherwise (if I have not hammered that point home hard enough already).

Scream of the Shalka
Like most of us in Shalka!fandom, I'm largely here for the Doctor/Master slash possibilities, but will happily read almost anything set in the Shalka!verse. Canon gave us so tantalisingly little of their story that everything is up for explanation – backstory, future adventures, the lot. Though I haven't requested Allison specifically, I'm fond of her and would not be in the least disappointed to see her playing a major role (just what she makes of the Master is a source of some great interest alone). Vaguely curious about some of the less-ficced Shalka cast too, such as Major Kennet (just how much does his command know about the Doctor, and how does he deal with it?), which could provide some interesting angles to follow up.

I have lately fallen down the rabbit hole of becoming a massive Classic Who geek, and though I haven't yet gotten far into the Big Finish Audios or other expanded universe work, there's probably very little you could reference from the old TV series that I wouldn't get a kick out of. Past companions or friends of the Doctor stumbling into the Tardis and encountering the Master could have some great possibilities to explore – doubly so if it's someone who's met the Master before, or who could provide Allison with a sharper understanding of why he's not trusted. Hell, the Master meeting more or less anyone who finds themselves stumbling into the Tardis could be good value.

Would certainly be interested in how the Master came by his android body in this universe, particularly if you can come up with something a bit more unusual than the idea the Doctor pulled the Master out of the Eye of Harmony and built him the body personally (which there's nothing wrong with in theory, but I've seen it done enough times before that I'd be more interested in something different). Was it connected to the Doctor's last companion's death, and if not, which happened first? Were the Time Lords involved, given that they already seem to be intimately involved in where the Doctor is allowed to go lately? Speaking of which, are the Time Lords directing his travels as a heavy-handed effort to get him through his recent miseries, or is he serving some sort of Season 6B style probation following recent misdeeds? (The idea of the Master in a role somewhat equivalent to Rimmer's from Red Dwarf, initially serving as an unsympathetic aid to get his flesh-and-blood companion out of a recent depressive slump is now amusing me greatly, FTR, and there might be fun to be had there with some sort of fusion or crossover, though I'm not sure quite what you'd do with it.) I am not terribly keen on fic which portrays the Android!Master as a mere electronic copy, rather than the real Master in an unusual body, but more or less anything else probably goes.

Like CofD, this is one of those rare universes where I'd rather not see AUs, as there's so little canon to begin with, and what we have is already considered sort of an AU of the main canon universe. Stories which explore its AU status in the greater Whoniverse are fine though – as I said under the CoFD section above, I could definitely go for a story which finds some excuse to have any or all the various Ninth Doctors meet, and discuss just what went so wrong with the multi-verse around the end of their Eighth life.

I am very much down for smut set in this universe, or fluff. A solid dose of Doctor/Master interaction and snark could easily be all it takes to make the fic for me, regardless of other content.

And speaking of CofD-related-crossover potential, I would love to see this prompt filled in any form.


( 6 comments — Leave a comment )
Oct. 29th, 2014 03:25 am (UTC)
Oh hey, I volunteered for one of these! It'd be v nice to get you--I've never done Yuletide before, and this is a strong, specific letter (qualities sadly lacking in many of the other letters for stuff I said I'd write... :/).
Oct. 29th, 2014 02:04 pm (UTC)
Hey, thanks for saying so! Never did write a fic-exchange letter before, and it turns out finding that middle-zone between "too prescriptive" and "too airy-fairy to give you anywhere to start" gets weirdly stressful in places. At least coming up with prompts is easy - I always have more ideas for fic I'd like to see than I know what to do with.

Oh hey, I volunteered for one of these! It'd be v nice to get you

Go on and get my hopes up, why don't you! ;P

(I hear you on the difficulty of finding letters that get the enthusiasm going - having trouble finding them in most of the fandoms I nominated too. Guess at least I know which fandom I'm going to be writing treats for, if I do get around to any!)
Nov. 9th, 2014 12:45 am (UTC)
I know what you mean! I like aralias's, so used them as my template. And yeah, I sort of think that 'just give a ton of prompts you don't want to write yourself but still think should exist' approach might be best in the end, bc it combines exactitude with some freedom of choice. If there are 15 things, you can write ONE of them, surely.

Nah I'm off in another fandom, alas. Maybe we're not supposed to say that? Ooooh well.
Nov. 9th, 2014 12:50 am (UTC)
Along these lines, I'd REALLY like to do Madness (it's my first Yuletide year), but I'm already finishing this stupid Great Mouse Detective crack fic that will not fucking leave me alone, and then my Yuletide fic is... long. God it's so damn long. It's like novel length. And I'm trying to do a lot of academic writing, and I have nonfic commitments before the end of the year at the mag I work with, and I just got my first fiction sale and should be subbing more bc £, and aaaaargh. I just doubt I'll be able to breathe/justify it to myself, which is frustrating, but you know, there's always next year? I am also keenly aware that I left that quest to clean up and post Who kink meme stuff only part finished. :/
Nov. 23rd, 2014 08:25 am (UTC)
Ack, missed this comment when it happened somehow!

and I just got my first fiction sale

Slightly OT, but all the same, dude, congrats!

My own Yuletide fic is in no danger of hitting novel length, but change a fandom name or two and the rest of this sounds ridiculously familiar. A lot of the reason I put my name down for Yuletide this year was in hope of giving myself an excuse to write something for one of the shiny new fandoms I've got myself into recently... so, naturally, I get assigned to write for the one fandom I offered which I've actually written for before. XD So I'd love to still find time to write a treat for someone in another fandom as well, but I still have my own unfinished megafic in yet another fandom I don't want to completely lose steam on in the meantime, and this damn thesis ain't gonna write itself either...

Or in brief: I feel you on all of this, you have no idea. ^^;

But, as you say, there's always next year - and all minor gripes aside, I've had more than enough fun with the process thus far that it's very likely I'll be up for it again.

I am also keenly aware that I left that quest to clean up and post Who kink meme stuff only part finished. :/

Given how long it took me to get to the same stage, I can only sympathise here too (started late 09, only really finished last year - and I've *still* got that one huge, ancient, never-properly-edited epic left to go). And I didn't even have much comment fic to clean up - but, hey, good luck on finding the time and motivation to finish the job, whenever that may ultimately be.
Nov. 24th, 2014 05:56 pm (UTC)

Ack, bummer re: a fandom you've written before. And yesssss re: the rest.

Ty :/
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