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[Cable & Deadpool] Summers'son (5/?)

I wasn't originally planning for this story to have any scenes from Wade's POV (except in the sense where writing from the POV of psychic-teen-Nate effectively means getting to dip into everyone's POV at once, which I've been having a ball with all along) – but then I hit this scene, and sticking with the Nate-only-POV-plan seemed like such a waste, so. More importantly, in case you didn't notice it there in the middle of the header, this fic doesn't qualify for that PG rating anymore. I'm sure you're all so terribly disappointed.

Title: Summers’son
Summary: Settling into the 21st century is giving a teenaged Nathan some trouble.
Chapter: 5/?
Characters/Pairing: Nate/Wade
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2050
Previous parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Wade is lying on his back on his bed, currently in the middle of breaking resolution #31 We Do Not Think About Nate With Our Hand Down Our Pants (Anymore) (No Really This Time We Mean It), ratified a little over 48 hours previously (which is not even close to a record, goddamn it) in the aftermath of the breaking of resolution #30 in similar fashion. Right now if he can manage to keep his “don't move around so much over the rusty old bedsprings that Blind Al starts banging on the ceiling with the broom” resolution he's going to be doing pretty well.

Stupid Nate. Stupid winkie that hardly gets interested anymore unless Nate's involved. Here he is trying to have a perfectly innocent, normal fantasy about himself, the entire male membership of the Avengers (except Ant-man, who's lame, and Wonder-man, who's even lamer, but occasionally also She-Hulk, because he may be gay but he's not that gay), a tentacle monster and a vat of maple syrup, and just when it's getting really good everyone starts turning into Nate. There is no rational way the idea of finding his best friend holed up in a classroom with an awkward boner should get him more excited than a good, wholesome, gooey tentacle-orgy – but apparently this is exactly the sort of freak he's become in his life in the days AN. What's it going to be next, he'll be getting his freak on to thoughts of candle-lit dinners and Celine Dion? Well, he's probably safe as long as candle-lit dinners don't start stripping off their shirts in front of him and flexing their glistening muscles in his face.

Ooh, fantasy-Nate should be shirtless too. It was probably hot in that classroom and he didn't wanna get spunk on his shirt – what more reason does he need? Wade adjusts his fantasy to match.

Stupid, stupid Blind Al and her stupid unbreakable Internet filter for making sure that a few hours hanging out with Nate in singlet weather is the closest thing to real porn he ever gets to see. So what if she's a like hundred and nine, that's no excuse for not knowing that's only what the Internet is for. Even if he tried to explain how vitally important it is for the sake of his and/or Nate's long-term mental health and safety that he have regular access to the kind of material found behind 'by entering this site you state that you are over eighteen years of age' banners she'd probably just thank him for giving her the best laugh she'd had in months and tell him that if he was that desperate he should go lift some playboy magazines from the local newsagency like they did in her day, the evil old witch. It's not like she even cares if he's old enough to watch porn or not, she just likes making his life miserable. Sheesh, you dump live ants in someone's underwear drawer maybe once or twice and they hold it against you for life.

Every time he gets close to making headway on his not-thinking-about-Nate-like-that record Nate has to go and ruin it by – by smiling at him in that way he does – the soft way that makes him look like he can't think of anything he'd rather be doing than hanging out with his ugly, loser best friend – or pulling one of those effortless judo-flip moves out of nowhere that leave him sprawled out on his back in the dirt completely at Nate's mercy and trying to pretend the stunned expression on his face means he's innocently winded rather picturing something there is no way is going to happen next. If he wasn't so sure Nate was as straight as every other stupidly hot guy he'd ever gotten his panties in a bunch over he'd swear he was doing it on purpose. Why couldn't he have found an awesome new best friend who was a little less distracting?

And while he's at it, stupid conscience for always popping up unannounced to make sure he feels like a dick for trying to pin Nate with the blame for his inability to keep it out of his pants.

It all adds up to guarantee that whenever he gives in and gets himself off thinking about Nate he has more than his share of frustration to take out on his best friend's fantasy counterpart.

In the halls of Wade's imagination, Nate's sitting in one of those uncomfortable school chairs, his hands gripping the armrests and his knees hanging open. The lights are off and they shut the door so the classroom's dim and quiet the way you get in the late afternoon when the only light is coming in through the windows but it's not really dark. Wade's kneeling on the floor between his legs. Nate's cock looks... well, in his head pretty much like his does (since thanks to Blind Al it's almost the only hard cock he's ever gotten to see) and feels the same too (because that's the one he's really touching, duh). Nate's past the part where he tries to tell Wade he doesn't have to do this; past the part where he reassures Wade it feels okay, it feels good; past where he looks at Wade with that faint, pink tinge colouring his cheeks and his breath coming out in little pants like he can't believe Wade would do this for him, and up to the part where Wade's jacking him nice and even, not too fast because he doesn't want to hurt him (if he's letting himself think about Nate he's gonna damn well make the most of it) – he's just keeping the pace slow until Nate needs it. Nate's eyes have drifted shut, not because he can't bear to watch, just because he's enjoying it; his mouth falls open a little as his head tilts back, yeah. Wade can feel him twitching a bit like he's trying not to thrust – he had no idea Wade would be so good at this, and if Nate's not looking at him Wade doesn't have to worry about how he's looking back, because Nate really doesn't have any idea what he's doing to Wade just by letting him touch his dick like this.

(Stupid to even let himself have these kinds of fantasies so close to being something he can almost imagine could really happen when he knows the real Nate would never, ever consider ever letting him do something like this in real life...)

That's when fantasy-Nate tips his head forward and opens his eyes and says, What makes you so sure, Wade?

Huh? thinks Wade eloquently – more or less. He's already way past where he's up to much in the way of those higher cognitive functions. It's not unusual for these sort of fantasies to get away from him, but that – that has definitely never happened before.

I said, repeats fantasy Nate, and oshit he's looking Wade right in the eye, what makes you so sure I'd never want this? and he smiles, not the nowhere-I'd-rather-be smile – it's the I-could-eat-you-for-breakfast smile, or the I-know-a-secret smile he does when he's about to demonstrate a whole new way of kick Wade's arse without breaking a sweat then casually decline to explain where the hell he learnt to do that. Wade doesn't actually remember that smile being so sexy.

But you... but you're... Wade tries, in a valiant but confused attempt to remind fantasy-Nate that in the real world he happens to be straight.

Am I? Nate chuckles, deep in his throat. That's so much like you, Wade. Just because I'm tall and good looking, I couldn't possibly be attracted to other boys, not even a little.

All the other unfairly hot guys at school are! Wade protests. Everyone knows that! Has fantasy-Nate not noticed what an inappropriate conversation this is to be having with someone who's jerking you off in an empty classroom?

Nate does the chuckle again. Oh Wade. You'd be surprised. But we're not talking about them, and in all the time you've known me you've never actually asked me. Nate leans forward in his chair and reaches out to brush his fingers over Wade's side, presses his palm to Wade's stomach and slides it slowly in and down towards his... okay, this has definitely never been part of this fantasy before.

We never talk about girls, says Nate, calmly, like he's not right in the act of reaching for Wade's happy place, We certainly never talk about boys. So I'm asking you Wade, what makes you so sure I couldn't possibly like you?

Wade doesn't dare look down, can't look away when Nate's still looking him right in the eye, but with his heart in his mouth oh boy can he ever feel it as Nate's wandering hand rubs firmly over the bulge in his pants, once, twice, before pushing the fabric aside and drawing him out one-handed (how did he even do that he shouldn't be able to reach from that angle but this isn't real, none of this is real so Nate can do whatever he likes).

Wait, the one where I get the erection and you help me out with it is a whole other... he tries. He's finding it hard to form a proper protest about how this isn't the fantasy he meant to have today when he could swear he can actually feel Nate's fingers stroking over his cock. Fantasy-Nate turns out to be a goddamn tease, he's hardly more than brushing it with his fingertips and already Wade is starting to wonder if you can explode from being more turned on than the body can take. If so he's in real danger but at least he's going to go out happy.

How do you know, Nate whispers, that I – the real me – isn't lying at home in bed right now... thinking about what it would be like to do this to you? And with that fantasy-Nate closes his fist around Wade's cock properly and strokes it firmly, still smiling, still looking Wade right in the eye, like he's going for this year's award for blind coordination.

Wade really has no idea how he hasn't come yet. Maybe it's that tiny voice in the back of his mind still trying to tell him no, we don't think about Nate like this, there are incredibly important reasons why we do not ever think of Nate like this, and he's very sure there's a perfectly good reason why if only he could remember what it was right at the moment.

Fantasy-Nate leans over his shoulder and breathes Wade in his ear, drawing out the vowel as far as it will last. Until now everything fantasy-Nate has said sounded so smug and confident and casual but on that last word he sounds like he's coming undone, and that's it for Wade; the orgasm that feels like it's been building for the last million years' worth of the last hardly-ten-minutes rips through him, harder and longer than he ever knew it was possible for a guy to come and in the middle of it he could swear he heard Nate doing the same.

Whoa, is the first remotely coherent thought that makes it into Wade's mind afterwards, through the pleasant haze dragging him down into sleep, where did that come from?


Nathan comes back to himself lying on his bed, a sticky sensation pooling on his stomach, coming down fast and hard from the high of practically being able to feel Wade under his fingertips as reality settles over him like a dead weight. A few hours ago he hadn't even realised he wanted Wade and now he's doing this?

What he'd just done – that had crossed the line. That had crossed lines that no-one had ever felt the need to draw for him explicitly, it was so plainly something you did not do.

That had really not been how he'd been planning on dropping a hint to Wade about his interest.

So much for his plans – he needs to own up to Wade about exactly what happened tonight at his next opportunity. Tomorrow. No later.

Wade will probably understand.

Part 6


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Apr. 19th, 2011 02:23 pm (UTC)
You just like to make us suffer, don't you? Next cliff-hanger! How could you?
And how is possible for story to get better and better with every chapter? Not that i'm complaining but still- that's a mystery for me...I loved confused Wade to no end! It's never a good sing when your wet-dream is getting out of control ;D
Apr. 19th, 2011 03:19 pm (UTC)
In my defense there was only supposed to be the one cliff hanger until the last chapter got away from me and had to be split in two... Actually that probably doesn't work in my defense all that well, does it?

And how is possible for story to get better and better with every chapter?

Well, we are finally reaching the pay-off that all that awkward sexual tension of the earlier chapters was building towards, that probably doesn't hurt. Not that this is ever anything but a wonderful thing for a writer to hear. :3

It's never a good sing when your wet-dream is getting out of control ;D

Ha, welcome to puberty, Wade. >D But seriously, he had it bad enough even when before he had a psychic almost-boyfriend butting in on things. Nate has a whole lotta 'splaining to do right now.
Apr. 19th, 2011 03:20 pm (UTC)
Nate, Nate, Nate, someone needs to take you, sit you down and have a serious conversation on the topic of informed consent during telepathic sex.

And that last line, oh boy.

I love your Wade's PoV it always cracks me up so much!!
There is no rational way the idea of finding his best friend holed up in a classroom with an awkward boner should get him more excited than a good, wholesome, gooey tentacle-orgy
Apr. 19th, 2011 03:41 pm (UTC)
Sad part is, knowing how common telepathy seemed to be around the Askani, Nate probably has had that conversation (or some combination of reasonable equivalents) at some point in his past, and yet when crunch time comes, he still manages to screw it up. And while he knows Wade is about the last person in the world likely to hold it against him if he's having a little trouble keeping his resolutions about keeping control of his fantasy life, he's also quite within his rights to be rather freaked out.

I love your Wade's PoV it always cracks me up so much!!

*g* I seem to default to writing Nate's POV most of the time for some reason, but I do love writing for Wade. Especially when it gives me the excuse to throw in tidbits like the one you quoted.
Apr. 19th, 2011 04:43 pm (UTC)

Apr. 20th, 2011 12:50 am (UTC)
ahaha, if only I managed to fill ALL my fanfic related promises that quickly >_<
Apr. 20th, 2011 04:05 pm (UTC)
Apr. 19th, 2011 08:37 pm (UTC)
OH NATE. Wade will probably want a repeat.
Apr. 20th, 2011 12:56 am (UTC)
Once he's got his head around the situation, that is very, very likely. *g* Nate just has a bit of an awkward conversation to get through with him first.
May. 3rd, 2011 11:01 am (UTC)
Oooh, I have been away from these two boys too long, though these last two chapters are such a treat to come back to. ^o^ I can't wait for the next chapter, though I see many shenanigans ensuing, lol.
May. 4th, 2011 04:05 am (UTC)
*g* Thanks! Always good to hear my fic's still worth the wait. ^^;

Next chapter's actually already done, just waiting for my beta-reader to find the time to go through it for me. ^^ You're not wrong about the shenanigans - not wrong at all.
Oct. 13th, 2011 07:50 am (UTC)
*headdesk* I should have known... NATE WHAT IS EVEN GOING THROUGH YOUR HEAD, DUDE?

(But really? That was way hotter than it should have been, whew. *lights a cigarette*)
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